We’re building tools to help businesses all over the world to thrive


Selling is getting more and more difficult.

Businesses have to source key tools to run their business from different vendors and integrate them themselves. The process is tedious, expensive, and sometimes even impossible.


We help businesses sell online and in-person instantly.

We provide extremely easy, low-cost, ready-to-use tools that enable businesses all around the world to start selling online and in-person in minutes.

What Drives Us

Drive Economic Development

Give businesses of all sizes the tools they need to set-up, run, and grow their operations.

Provide Tools for Growth

Help businesses sell more with real-time data, fully-integrated systems, and lower costs.

Generate Financial Inclusion

Eliminate access barriers and provide turn-key solutions to boost the ROI of electronic payments.


We’re Building Omni-Channel Commerce Infrastructure to drive economic development and financial inclusion globally.

We started from scratch: No legacy code, no restrictions. We’ve spent the last 2 years building technology around the desire to provide merchants with turn-key, high-ROI solutions that help them grow.

Designed to meet the needs of most businesses

From freelancers to large retailers, we’re here to provide the tools they need to focus more on selling, and less on technology.

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