Enabling business anywhere, anytime.

Our integrated hardware, software, and payments solution enables merchants to start selling in minutes, manage their inventory, accept all kinds of payments and gain valuable, data-driven insights about their business.

The new way of doing business

DRUO allows businesses to sign up online and accept payments instantly. Upon signup, we provide value-added services so that merchants can manage their funds, keep track of their inventory, and improve their customer experience.

Faster payments

Cutting-edge payments infrastructure supports a lighting-fast checkout experience–in person and online. Better experience for your customers means more sales for your business.

Simple fees

No sign-up fees. No recurring payments. Simply pay a fixed fee for every successful card transaction that goes through our system.

Integrated service

Our fully-integrated solution means merchants spend more time selling, instead of integrating clunky payments, inventory, and invoicing systems. With DRUO, credit cards, debit cards and cash payments are all in one single place.

Better experience = more sales

Improve your customers’ experience–whether you have thousands of customers or just a few per day.

Sell easier

  • Immediacy: Sign up for a free account with DRUO and start selling. It’s that simple.
  • Convenience: Our customers receive payments wherever they are and don’t lose any sale, even if they haven’t set up a bank account or business yet.
  • A better experience: Generate a wonderful experience to your clients whether at your shop or an online sale.

Accept all payment methods

  • Anywhere: Accept all common payment methods in person and online, including credit cards, debit cards and cash.
  • Security at its best: Process payments with peace of mind. Our PCI-compliant solution means your data is secure.
  • Flexibility: Receive your funds in your DRUO account and use them however you like: payments, transfers, you name it.

Fair pricing

  • Transparent fees: Pay just a small percentage for every successful electronic transaction that goes through our system. We never charge for processing cash payments.
  • Simplified pricing: Forget about monthly fees, set up fees or fees for minimum transaction volume. Just pay us every time you make a sale. We’re committed to seeing you grow.

Get in Touch

Whether you’re seeking to learn more about our product or want to know more about investing in DRUO, our team is excited to hear from you.