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Selling through WhatsApp just got easier with DRUO. Accept orders and provide customer support directly through WhatsApp at minimal cost. No coding or designing.
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Sell Smarter

Our technology helps you get more done. Keep products always updated, receive orders, and reach out to your customers with ease.

Look Professional

Showcase your products and services through a polished customer experience. No PDFs or forwarded images.

Get Organized

Use DRUO to create, track, and manage your orders coming from WhatsApp and other sales channels.

Easy and powerful tools for all types of businesses

With dozens of features available out-of-the-box, DRUO is ideal whether you’re bringing an established business online or just starting out.

Fully-integrated with WhatsApp

Share links, receive orders and message existing customers easily though any personal or WhatsApp Business account.

Designed to sell more

Highly-optimized, mobile-first user interface designed to sell more and showcase your products beautifully.

Your branding and domain

Provide a fully-branded experience to your customers that represents your brand. Tweak colors, logos, and even add a custom domain.

No need for online payments

Receive orders from customers without requiring a payment upfront. Agree on price, and payment/shipping method directly with your customer.

Powerful tools to grow your business

Powerful selling and marketing tools to help you grow your business across WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Meet your customers on the largest messaging platform in the world

We’re here to help you reach your customers on WhatsApp faster and easier than ever. Take full advantage of WhatsApp’s useful features such as groups and broadcast lists to sell through the largest messaging app with over 2 billion active users.

Share your entire shop or specific products

Send links that are always up to date to your potential customers. Forget about sending PDFs, images, or forwarding messages that are difficult to read, and only provide partial information.

Manage and fulfill orders easily

Use DRUO to create, track, and manage your orders coming from WhatsApp and other sales channels. With DRUO it’s easy to get organized whether orders come in automatically or you choose to add them as they come.

Bring in more customers

Generate more sales by bringing in and processing more customers automatically. Our fully-managed e-commerce solution enables your customers to browse products and place orders without your help

Understand your customers’ behavior

Our embedded analytics allows you to see how often your customers are visiting as well as discover which products they’re most interested in.

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Supercharge your WhatsApp sales channel with DRUO. We’re here to help you sell more and work less.
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