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About Us

We’re on a mission to boost economic development and generate financial inclusion to help merchants in Latin America sell more and work less.

To fulfill our mission, we’ve built one of the most ambitious  robust, secure payments infrastructure that allowing to manage funds from the moment a payment is accepted to the point where

So our approach was to build key components of.

Our solution will

Our solution is built to address the region’s most pressing needs. Nuestra solución integra hardware, software y pagos en una herramienta que le permite a nuestros clientes manejar su negocio, entender sus números, y recibir pagos más fácil que nunca. Con nuestro producto, nuestros clientes trabajan menos y venden más.

The way we’ve addressed the region’s challanges by removing entry barriers and We’re currently working with pilor Nuestros clientes piloto suman más de 160 negocios de todos los tamaños a lo largo de los segmentos de retail, servicios y alimentos y bebidas. Desde los más grandes retailers hasta los comercios independientes más pequeños, éstos eligen a DRUO por el valor que aportamos a su operación.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey.

Invest in DRUO

Right now our third round of investment is open. This round will be led by one of the largest financial institutions in Colombia.

If you are interested in investing in fintech companies and are looking for high profitability, we invite you to be part of this exciting stage in the history of DRUO. Your investment will help us continue executing our business plan as well as generating value for thousands of businesses around Latin America.

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